Is The Website SEO Friendly?

When it comes to finding the right website developer, it’s important to understand all the areas a computer programmer should excel at. You will come across many people who will claim to be experts in web development, which is why we have created this web development checklist to help you decide on the best website programmer for your business.

1. Can the Web Developer Program Your Website’s Specific Needs?

Every business is unique, and your website should reflect your business. Your website is the hub of your business, and will generate leads and engage your target market if programmed to achieve your business goals.

Your website should not be an online brochure, that is static and does not have a purpose. Use your website as the powerful marketing tool it is! Make sure your website developer is capable of creating a website that can help you achieve your business goals both online, and offline.

At Zigma, we take the time to understand our clients’ businesses, and their goals. This allows our website programmers to customize the website functionality to fit the needs of each individual business to maximize the lead generating potential, and effectively represent their brands through their web presence.

2. Does it Have the Right Content Management System (CMS)?

If your web programmer has not discussed what a content management system is with you, you might need to take a step back. The CMS of a website is an integral part to the website programming stage and should be a discussion between client and web developer.

The CMS allows the user to add, edit, and organize all the content on the website. It helps to streamline your workflow, and provide your customers with up to date information on your products and services.

There are a variety of content management systems on the market, but it is important to discuss your need with your website developer in order to choose the best content management system for your needs.

3. Is The Website Responsive?

Did you know that as of April 2015, Google will lower the organic rankings of website that are not mobile friendly? A great website programmer will always discuss the need for a mobile friendly website. At Zigma, we recommend choosing a responsive website over a mobile website. Why? A responsive website is programmed to reconfigure to fit the screen size of whatever device is being used to access the website. Whether it is a desktop, tablet or mobile phone, the website is programmed to fit the screen.

4. Where Will The Website Be Hosted and Will it be Secure?

Hosting is very important to multiple aspects of a website. Hosting will determine the site speed, the security of a website, as well as the website livelihood. Has your website ever gone down before? This is a hosting problem. If you programmer has not chosen a secure hosting company, your website can be slow to load and even crash if you receive too much traffic. Zigma offers secure hosting for your website needs.

5. Is The Website SEO Friendly?

Search engine optimization is a fundamental piece of every website. SEO should be integrated into your website from the very beginning of programming, not as an after thought. Your programmer should ensure the website has the ability to add and edit title tags, meta description, and H tags. These are essential to a website ranking on search engines like Google and Bing.

Have you asked your website programmer about indexing your pages by submitting XML sitemap? What about robots.txt file? These are necessary but not sufficient steps when developing or redesigning a websitethat your website programmer should be knowledgeable of.

6. Will The Web Developer Test The Website Before it Goes Live?

Before a website goes live, a web developer should test the functionality, and confirm that all the links on the website are working correctly, and direct to the right corresponding landing page. Your website programmer should check on all devices that your website is reconfiguring correctly, and make sure it works on all browsers like Google Chrome, FireFox and Safari.

This is a step that quality web developers take before setting any website life. Typically a staging website is set up on a test server so the programmer can test all the above functionality, and the client can confirm that the website looks and functions how they had imaged.

A staging site is a duplicate of your live website that allows website developers to easily test changes to your site, before it goes live. This gives the web programmer the ability to prevent any bugs or malfunctioning on the live website, giving your customers a better user experience while your site is being updated.

7. What Is the Website Programmers Response Time to Changes?

We hear the horror stories all the time. Your website goes down, and you can’t get a hold of your developer. What now? At Zigma, our number one priority is our clients’ happiness and the success of their business through their online presence.

A web developer should be available for questions, concerns and changes you would like to make on your website. We pride ourselves on our open communication with our clients to ensure they are always happy with their website and our service.

We can confidently say that Zigma is capable of checking off yes to all these web development requirements. When shopping around for a website programmer, make sure to ask them these questions before trusting them with the programming of your website. If you would like to work with Zigma on a website project, feel free to contact us.

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