Boxshop is located at Toronto, Canada and they offer a huge selection of packaging, shipping, and moving storage boxes. They have almost every type and size of storage box that you need for personal or business purposes.
Whether it is for your garments or precious heirlooms and picture frames, Boxshop has it. The box types they offer will suit your every need so you can move your belongings safely to their destination.
Apart from the boxes, they have storage accessories packing supplies like packing papers, moving blankets, plastic bags, packing tapes, cushion foam, cushion bubbles, moving kits, moving dolly, and even coloured labels. Basically, everything you need for moving your things can be found at Boxshop.


Boxshop does not only give you the finest quality products; they can also deliver it right at your doorstep for free! When you order products worth $100 and above, Boxshop ships everything to you without the delivery fees. These guys value their customers well so they take away from the buyers the hassle of paying the delivery fee.
This offer is excellent for people who are planning to move a lot of things. Guaranteed with pure protection and handling, the boxes are sure to provide each and every customer a great deal they cannot find anywhere easily.
This free delivery service is offered to the Greater Toronto Area because it is where most of the busy movers are. The residents and businesses will surely appreciate the advantages of this great offer.


Boxshop only uses high quality moving boxes with professional standards. These storage boxes ensure protection to your items whatever size they are. These boxes are of the same type that large companies and other professionals use whenever they move or transfer items to another place.


Here are some of the things that you get from Boxshop’s excellent lineup of products:

  • Big and Small Moving Boxes

Boxes for larger items can be ordered here. The boxes are made of light but durable cardboard so they won’t add up to the weight of the package but still maintain strength. The boxes are measured in depth, length, and width, in inches.

  • Polyfoam Wrap

This is a sheet of foam that is wrapped around an item for protection. It is built to absorb impact from accidental bumps or drops. This is advisable for heavier objects than using bubble wrap.

  • Specialty Boxes

These are boxes specially built for specific items that require more care. Items like your TVs, computers, and other electronics will surely be handled with care in these boxes. Fragile and easy-to-break objects like vases and chinaware also go into this type of box.

  • Picture Boxes

Picture boxes are the ones perfect for any framed pictures that you have. Boxshop has all the sizes for all of your picture frames.

  • Wardrobe Boxes

Now, you can box your clothes while they’re still on a hanger, just like how they were placed in your wardrobe. The wardrobe boxes are just like your closet where you can hang up your coats and dresses.

  • Packing Paper

This is specially made for packing purposes. People have been using old newspapers to wrap their chinaware and utensils but little do they know that these leave marks and ink prints that are hard to remove. With Boxshop’s special packing paper, all you have to do is wrap, move, and remove the paper. No more messy ink stains.

  • Moving Blankets

Your beloved furniture also need care and protection. The moving blankets are made of high quality materials that are sure to protect your couch, chairs, and/or recliners perfectly.

  • Plastic Bags

These are designed to keep dust and liquid spills off of your chairs, sofas, and mattresses. These durable plastic bags come in different sizes to fit whatever large object you have that needs protection from dust and spillage.

  • Packing Tapes

This one is a very common tool at home but still, not everyone has it. That is why Boxshop made sure that they can provide their customers even the most basic things for moving stuff, such as packing tapes.

  • Bubble Cushioning

Just like the polyfoam wrap, bubble cushioning provides protection to glassware and other electronics without adding significant weight.

These are the great products you can get from Boxshop if ever you want a nice and safe trip for your precious belongings. What’s even better is that these items can be shipped without any delivery fees if you order $100 and above worth of products.

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Source: Wholesale Packaging Ltd.

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