What is the PDO Thread Lift?

A highly effective cosmetic technique that is designed to tighten and lift loose skin tissue with the help of absorbable threads. The threads are made from a safe material, known as Polydioxanone (PDO), and are inserted in the skin’s deeper layers to produce three effects:

  1. Cellular rejuvenation: Entails neovascularization to enhance fine lines, skin texture, and elasticity, as well as collagen stimulation
  2. Instant Skin Lifting: This happens due to mechanical effects of threads, exhibiting results almost immediately
  3. Skin Tightening: This happens because of contracting fat tissue

The PDO threads dissolve and disappear automatically as they are made from biodegradable material, and hence they are absorbed into the skin after six months. However, you can rest assured that they are invisible to others during this period. The lifting effects remain visible for the next 2–3 years, while your skin benefits from cellular rejuvenation effects. Your skin enjoys better microcirculation of blood as new blood vessels are created and new collagen is produced, and the skin cells are stimulated as a result. Simultaneously, the fat tissue undergoes contraction, producing a facial slimming and tightening effect to maintain volume and give you the new and improved look that you have always wanted.

Where can the PDO Thread Lift be Used?

The PDO Thread Lift Toronto technique can be used on several areas of the body, based on the severity of the problem. They include:

  • Perioral wrinkles
  • Sagging of the jaw and jowls
  • Mild brow lift
  • Chin skin sagging
  • Wrinkles on the neck
  • Sagging skin of the buttocks, arms, legs, and abdomen
  • Wrinkles and drooping of the cheeks
  • Sagging skin resulting in deep nasolabial folds
  • Sagging upper cheek area (malar area)
  • Breast irregularities

The best thing about the treatment is that unlike face-lifting surgeries, the downtime is minimal. Moreover, the entire procedure is performed using local anesthesia so that you don’t feel any pain or discomfort when the PDO threads are inserted in your skin.

Looking for a reputed cosmetic clinic to have this amazing procedure performed on your sagging skin? At Marco’s Derma Care, we have professional doctors who are certified and experienced to seamlessly carry out the PDO Thread Lift procedure and ensure optimal results. For more information, contact our clinic at (416) 821–1249 today.

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Source: Marco’s Derma Care

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