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All of our shipping and moving boxes are cardboard boxes. This is because they are light, strong, cheap and easy to find. Cardboard boxes come in many sizes and shapes so it is generally easy to find a box for moving or shipping that will meet your needs. We describe our boxes using length, width, and depth in inches. So a 10 x 10 x 10 box would be a perfect cube with 10″ sides. Keep this in mind when ordering.

Boxshop Moving Boxes & Moving Supplies is your premier source for high-quality wholesale moving boxes and moving supplies at discount prices. Our boxes are durable and strong, available in single, double and triple walled configuration, protecting and ensuring it can withstand the rigors of any move.

Our extensive assortment of corrugated boxes, wardrobe boxes and other moving supplies makes it easy for you to pack, store and organize.

Moving from Toronto to another city can be a big undertaking, requiring good organization, planning, and the correct moving boxes and moving supplies to ensure a successful, hassle-free move.

Browse our website and view our full line of inventory before placing your order. We offer Small Moving Boxes, Specialty Boxes, Big Moving Boxes, Bubble Cushioning, dish boxes, wardrobe boxes, file boxes, and picture frame boxes. If you don’t know exactly how many moving boxes you will need, you may be better off purchasing a moving kit that contains a variety of different sized moving boxes.

After you have selected your moving boxes or moving kit, visit our moving supply pages to view items that will come in handy when you are packing. Moving supplies such as Polyfoam Wrap, Packing Paper, Moving Blankets, plastic Bags, Packing Tape, Moving Dolly,Moving Kits, Overstock Boxes, Bubble Cushioning, Colour Coded Labels. are all great for protecting delicate items during your move. These moving supplies will ensure that your fragile belongings arrive safely to their new home.

Simply place your order online and your moving boxes are shipped and delivered right to your doorstep within 24 hours.

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Source: Boxshop Moving Box

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