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Using a Toronto moving company to move your home or business is more than just transporting your items from A to B. It is treating the things you love with care and respect. We know that along with the excitement of the new place and new step in your life, you are facing the sadness of saying goodbye to your friends, neighbors, and things you have grown accustomed to.

Before You Move: Planning & Estimate

Your moving experience with TSC moving company begins with estimating your move. You start this process either by giving us a call or filling our online estimate form.

If you live in the area, we will visit your place to evaluate the amount of inventory and packing work needed. This visit is FREE of charge and is part of our total service package.

If you are outside of the Greater Toronto Area, we will speak with you in detail over the phone – and get all the information on your inventory and other important details to provide you with the quote.

delivery service

Moving Company for Packing & Moving

Toronto moving company
If you require packing, a team of trained packers will arrive at your place on the day of the move or the day before – depending on the amount of packing required.

If you choose to pack the stuff yourself, we have a source of packing tips to help you do the best job.

At The Destination

When your items arrive at the new location, we will unload them. We will follow your floor plan outlining where things should go. Our team will reassemble the furniture that was disassembled.

You will check the items against the inventory. If anything appears to be damaged – make a note on the inventory list and notify us right away.

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