Use high-quality moving boxes to pack for your next move

Here are a few useful tips to manage moving boxes that might come in handy for your next move.

1- How to Pack Moving Boxes Efficiently

If you want to pack efficiently, you’ll need boxes in various sizes. You own items that are different sizes and different weights, so you need strong moving boxes of different sizes to pack items safely. You’ll also need to have other packing material as well, like bubble wrap, wrapping sheets, packing tape and labeling stickers.

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2- How to Label Moving Boxes

Start by assigning moving boxes to different members of your family. That means one box for one member’s clothing, another for his (or her shoes) and so on. This way it’s easy to find things when you move into your new house and start unpacking. Also, make sure you label the boxes with a labeling sticker that tells you the name of the person a moving box belongs to and the type of items it contains (e.g. John’s shirts).

3- How to Organize Moving Boxes

There are various ways to organize your moving boxes. You can number them, like 1 of 20, 2 of 20 and so on. If you use numbers, it will help you keep a track of all the boxes (and you’ll know if a box or two is missing). You can also use permanent markers in different colors. For instance, use red for your bedroom items, green for living room items and black for kitchen items.

4- How to Store Moving Boxes

Moving boxes that contain fragile or expensive items must be kept safely and transported with caution. You can write “HIGH, MEDIUM or LOW” on each box to indicate the order of priority to unload them in the new location. Boxes that are labeled “HIGH” should be unpacked first. Using this system to label your boxes will help you find your most important items quickly in your new location.

5- How to Tape Moving Boxes

Always use packing tape (not duct tape) to seal moving boxes. Once you have folded a box, tape it from the outside a couple of times. Tape the openings of a moving box (and its sides) for extra support. Make sure to tape the bottom of a box vertically and from corner to corner to make the base even stronger.


6- How to Recycle Moving Boxes

Once you’ve moved into your new house, you can unfold the moving boxes and give them to a local recycling centre or sell them to local moving companies. Alternatively, you can use the boxes for your own storage purposes.

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