How Can I Get Google Seller Ratings for Free?

Google’s knowledge box is a database that collects information about businesses, reviews and photos that belongs to your GMB (Google My Business). This is helpful for businesses because it means that Google recognizes their business, product, etc.

Using an application like Trustpilot or Yotpo can be expensive. It may cost thousands of dollars, but is it worth it? Is there any alternative solution to those review applications?

At Zigma, we can help you to set up Google customer reviews on your website (E-commerce) to capture both Google seller reviews and product reviews to help build the trust for your online shop, having more reviews helps you get a better position on Google Map and Google Shopping.


Working with us is more affordable than using costly apps, and our team can help you get the reviews you need to enhance your online credibility.

You’ve probably heard about third parties that provide review collection services. These companies are trusted by Google. This means that if you collect your reviews through their platform, Google shows them in the knowledge panel (The information in the box, called the Business Profile, can help customers discover and contact your business) beside Search Engine Results Page (SERP) as well as the organic search result ( stars beside your URL).

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Source: Zigma Internet Marketing

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