Get a Custom 10U Colocation Quote

10U Colocation Space — Quarter Rack Server Hosting

  • 10U Colocation Unit — Toronto
  • Secure Private Cabinet, accessible by Nuday personnel only
  • Remote Reboot feature to power cycle your server
  • Free access to your server during business hours
  • Free access to Customer Lounge, Ample parking space
  • UPS/Generator Backed Power
  • 1000 Mbps Port Speed
  • 30TB Data transfer / Month
  • /28 Public network — 5 Useable Public IP address

Our 10U server colocation can always be customized to fit your specific need so don’t worry about expanding, it can easily be upgraded to a half or a full rack.

Our datacenter Toronto experts always recommend a free consultation to review your colocation requirements to help determine the best Nuday’s plan for your server hosting needs.

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Source: Nuday Networks

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